Article last updated on: 19. 06. 2024.

We all know the feeling of being distracted by household chores and tasks when trying to get work done. A dedicated space in your home office can help you set aside distractions, which will allow for more focused productivity1! We’ve found 14 creative ideas that will inspire you to design an efficient yet cozy place where creativity is encouraged. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, these home office design ideas will help you get the last bit of work done and enjoy your surroundings while doing so.

Minimalist Work Space

Jennifer Post had a radical redesign of an apartment on Park Avenue. To create six distinct areas out of the 900-square foot space, she carved one entire bedroom wall for her home office and used colors strategically throughout so that it would be hard not to notice them even with all this minimalism in place! 2

Space-Saving Study

This beach-chic Malibu home office is the perfect place to get some work done. The Ellwood Lomax desk has a drop front and saves space while highlighting all of its sculptural accouterments, like bookshelves or an extra chair if you’re studying with friends!

Clear And Bright

The designers took advantage of the natural light in this bright, airy home office. They also designed a cozy guest room with comfortable furniture that is perfect for sitting back and thinking or creating while enjoying Orrefors crystalware from Shelton, Mindel & Associates’ collection!

Fresh And Clean

When all white spaces seem a little too chilly, adding in some color and shapes help create the perfect oomph3. The study at this New York apartment designed by Desai/Chia features aluminum shelving made from Rakks to give it that friendly look you’re looking for!

Sleek and Unique

The architect’s St. Barts home office features a uniquely designed sucupira-wood desk and swivel chairs created by Kang Chang. The ceiling fan is also from Boffi, while the rainbow bookshelves add an exciting touch to this space that can be used as a workstation and reading nook for guests.

Mid-century Loft Office

Few architects can match up with Stephen Harvey when it comes to midcentury modern design. His Sagaponack mezzanine office is an excellent combo of sleekness and color – which he achieves by using Arne Jacobsen pendant lights paired together in between his golden Moroccan kilim rug and Navajo blanket on top!

Pops Of Colour

This bright green and gold color combo is a must-have for any home. The Bridgehampton house designed by Steven Gambrel has all the ingredients you need: vintage brass accents, silk rug created by him that’s installed right on top of white cabinets – it really makes an impact!

Green And Navy Workspace

Jean-Louis Deniot has created a library/office with countless grids and lines in the design of his home. One particular side table is by Hervé Van der Straeten, which makes me want to decorate an entire room based on green and navy accents!

Burst Of Colour

In this space, the primary colors provide just enough burst of shape and structure. The mirrored trestle desk from Liz O’Brien brightens up a library in an apartment located on Fifth Avenue with its Tizio lamp!

Monochromatic Moves

In this Beverly Hills home by Waldo Fernandez, the office features a 17th-century Belgian tapestry from Mansour and an English mahogany desk. In one corner is an exquisite Wolfgang Roth sculpture that adds just enough visual interest without taking up too much space on its own!

Decadent Blues

The designer’s personal office is a very blue and sleek space—the design team behind the project, Briggs Edward Solomon, for Alex Rodriguez’s Florida estate. Briggs has decorated everything from Florence Knoll pedestal tables to Saarinen armchairs with an eye on the style that can be both modern or traditional depending upon your preferences. All Groups together by Ovando photographs sconces made from Flos lamps featuring images taken during his travels around America. At the same time, Diane von Furstenberg brought her expertise when she created carpets used not just inside but outside too!

Mediterranean Home Office

When Thomas Pheasant renovated a couple’s Mediterranean-style house outside Las Vegas, he created an understated and sophisticated environment in this famous place for being glitzy. The husband’s study has an Art Deco feel with elegant fabrics and subtle tones.

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