Article last updated on: 20. 04. 2024.

Whether you’re a working professional or need somewhere to store your bills and organise yourself, don’t settle for an office that’s more fitted into the space as part of another room. An environment where people feel at home is what we’re talking about here.

Tips for designing a home office:


We all know the feeling of being cramped in a small space, so don’t do it! When deciding where to put your home office, make sure you have enough room for yourself and any guests. It’s also important not only what type or design but also how much traffic will travel through this area; if there are many distractions around then, maybe you should opt for a quiet place without too many windows. It might seem not easy at first since most people aren’t used to this environment, but you will appreciate having your privacy.1

Don’t Sacrifice Form for Function

Your home office should be a place to feel inspired, not overwhelmed. Your desk and storage needs change depending on what you’re working on at any given time so consider your workflow before investing in furniture that will only look out-of-date next year when it doesn’t match the rest of décor anymore2! For homes with traditional designs, think warm wood or soft chairs. For more modern spaces, try artistic pieces like metal desks if they suit both style preferences and functionality requirements better than something generic bored-looking chair from Target.

Invest in a Good Chair

You spend hours in your office chair, but it’s worth it every single day. A beautiful and comfortable seat can make all the difference when you’re working hard to build up the business. You should look at our shop for this kind of chair and get your favourite one.

Paint the Walls a Colour You Love

You know what they say – every person has a colour that perfectly suits them3. For some people, it’s bright and cheery oranges or lime green; others need something more soothing like botanical blue to work well with their moods in this type of environment (and any other). A lot can depend on how you feel when your office gets “bemede” mate tones! Find out why specific colours make one happy while others seem bored as all heck no matter where life takes us.

Give Yourself a View

To avoid getting bored with a blank wall as your backdrop, position the desk so you can stare at something more interesting4. Natural light is ideal, but if that’s not an option for whatever reason (maybe there’re no windows), hang up some pretty pictures or sit by facing towards doorways leading out into other areas of interest such as garden spaces.

Choose Homey Accessories

Your home office should feel like an extension of your living space. If you’re going for a contemporary look, consider adding some extras that will enhance this feeling and make it more comfortable in general. Like pretty mugs or art prints on display; but if not, then go ahead with what’s convenient5! For example: wrap up all hooky items inside fabric curtains (for aesthetic purposes), hiding away bookshelves behind them when necessary. It doesn’t matter whether these shelves contain functional items such as wastebaskets because we know how unimportant decoration usually is around here anyway.

Organise Vertically and Horizontally

The floating shelves and vertical file folders will allow you to get paper off your desk, while the baskets or wooden cube storage can be used for bookshelves. If filing is more critical than stacking, consider getting an attractive basket on top of one drawer to keep things neat; if it’s all about placement, then place these items anywhere that doesn’t distract from productivity. Just don’t forget what they’re supposed to hold.

Master Your Technology

To keep your cords from getting tangled or pulled out by accident, place them inside desk organisers6. This will not only make it easier on you when cleaning up after yourself but also helps prevent tangling, so there’s no need for extensive untangling sessions while working! A few different types of these creative cord hiding spots are available- choose whichever suits the style best.

Let There Be Light

Do you know how it is when you’re working at a computer all day? Your eyesight can get pretty poor, and now there’s even more of an issue with eye strain. The best way to combat this problem, according to (to) experts like Dr. Charles Coughlin, is by making sure your office has plenty of light so that headaches aren’t partaking in the experience too7! Positioning monitors away from windows or having small lamps on desks helps cut glare while providing enough illumination for productive work sessions.

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