Article last updated on: 20. 04. 2024.

We all know the feeling of being unable to work effectively from home due to a lack of space and functionality1. And while many people put their plans on hold out of fear of what will happen if they return to normality, it is now more critical than ever that we make this change so you can do a professional job without leaving your house! 38% of survey respondents said they are planning to switch to permanent working from home mode according to Rated People Report2, which indicates that there’s demand among the employees seeking solutions for that. The best way to make a space work for you is by giving it some of your personality. Here are a few ways to help transform whatever room or corner in the house might need an office into one where being productive feels as natural as breathing!

Take a Good Look at Your Home

The idea of an office in your home is becoming increasingly popular as more people realise the importance of achieving work/life balance. This can be achieved by identifying a separate space that will serve only you and removing distractions from other members or family life, such as loud music playing on the TV nearby when someone visits unexpectedly. You can repurpose any empty room that you have lying around in your home. There’s been a massive increase of popularity in creative ideas for your office such as ‘shoffice’ (working in a shed)3 or ‘cloffice’ (working in a closet).

Consider What You Actually Need

Creating an office is all about practicality and functionality. If you need a lot of storage space, make sure to search for desks with ample drawers or shelving units that can maximise the use out of vertical room in your home/office4; Chalkboards are great because they let us stay on top of things without having too much clutter around! But once we know our needs, shopping becomes easier (and more fun)!

Divide and Conquer

You can get creative with your office space by creating a sectioned-off area in the larger room. Use curtains, screens, or dividers to create an intimate atmosphere for concentration and creativity5! If you’re more artistically inclined, use three panels of MDF wood pieces attached to hinges before decorating them stylishly using wallpaper as desired.

An Inspiring Workspace

Having just the right amount of flair can make all the difference in your home office. Postcards from around the world, a mood board for inspiration, or carefully selected prints and patterns to enliven an otherwise dull space are some great ideas6! But don’t go overboard – you’ll end up with too much clutter, which will only burden you mentally.

Get Outside

You can turn your garden shed into an office with the right plan. Outdoor workspaces are well-suited for this because they offer separation from home life and fewer distractions, which may help you focus on work more productively. Plus, being outside inspires! A shoffice will come in many shapes – some compact wooden summerhouses include all of these features while still being easy enough that even beginners could build them themselves (though if budget is tight, there’s always online ordering).7


Go Green

Nature is a powerful mood booster. Studies have found that viewing landscapes such as trees or water can reduce stress, anger, and exhaustion while increasing levels of happiness– so if you’re feeling tired at work, take some time for yourself with these pictures! You could try popping an indoor herb garden on your desk too; it will help improve the quality of life in more ways than one8 (you’ll get fresh spice goodies too!). Another idea might be selecting wall art depicting natural environments.

Think in Colour

You can create a light, airy, and stimulating space with some bold colours or pastels. Space design tips for boosting creativity include using blue to promote clear thought, while softer tones help calm your mind and give off an atmosphere where you are more inclined to work hard! One way of doing this would be by painting one wall in the room either lighter shade from dark – though make sure it’s not too vibrant; otherwise, people might get tired looking at something similar all day long (and heaven forbid someone falls asleep). You could also go down another route altogether, such as painting everything else white, providing contrast but still leaving enough color around crucial areas.9

Stand Up

Have you ever considered a standing desk? A recent study found that sitting too much is terrible for our bodies and minds. If we slouch physically, so does the brain! Working at an office with one of these allows us to be more alert while also mitigating back pain from uncomfortable chairs or hunching over laptop screens all day long. They’re perfect if your home workspace needs some energising, too, because simply setting up this type will allow you not only to stand but move around freely between periods spent seated on top as well.10


Let the Light In

The best way to be productive and energized all day long is with plenty of natural light. A dark space can leave you feeling tired, so make sure your office has access or gets delivered into a well-lit room for creativity! It would be best if you tried arranging mirrors around the area as this will reflect any lights present on their own accord, such as from window views rather than desktops facing walls where only blackness may come through instead.11

What about the Kitchen?

We all know that kitchen tables are designed for cooking and eating, but what you might not have known is how easily they can be converted into an office, with more extensive walkways perfect for accommodating your laptop or tablet while still allowing plenty of space between each item on the countertop. Better ventilation is partly due because there’s no door blocking airflow from one side when it divides into two separate rooms. Also, even extra storage underneath appliances like refrigerators! This type of setup could perfectly work if executed the right way.12

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