We’re different by design

The idea behind SOHO 12’s inception was to collaborate with independent designers and makers, creating pieces you’ll love without the mark-up – all while keeping it simple for a comfortable living environment!

We support designers

We love design. That’s why we champion emerging and established creative talent from all over the world, giving them a platform to share their work in an independent fashion that has no distractions or interference with what they want accomplish on this side of life.

Meet our designers

“When it comes to your home office, we believe you can have it all: great office chairs and quality, at an affordable price.”

We care about our planet

That’s why you’ll find us doing all sorts of things such as eliminating any unnecessary plastic from packaging, using 100% sustainably sourced materials when possible (and even giving some away), among others.
We’re taking positive steps towards reducing how big an impact retail can have – one step at a time but cumulative changes really do add up over time so let’s keep this going!

We’re engaged with our community

It’s been amazing to see the community of people who love our products and want more ways in which they can be used. From reading reviews, following each other on social media or talking about design ideas over Instagram – it really has made all those long hours building this company worth while!

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