Anna Lewis

Anna’s designs have a feminine touch and she is always spot on with trends. Her specialties include designing for both men and women, in addition to using fabrics from sustainable sources like natural fibers or recycled materials when possible!

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Maisie Webb

Maisie is a designer who has the ability to connect her surroundings through design, creating harmony and contrast. With an eye-catching passion for aesthetics in furniture that meets all needs both functional or comfortable; she’s not afraid of capturing inspiration from one aspect while inspiring others with something new yet familiar at its core – it’s always about balance!

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Robyn Young

With a graduate degree in architecture, Robyn knows how to combine simple design with today’s trends. She also loves using Scandinavia-inspired furniture and giving it all of the little details that make her work stand out – like color accents or metal stakes for legs on countershelves!

Thomas Thompson

Thomas is a designer who prefers to use simple, functional objects for the modern lifestyle. His style has been influenced by Scandinavian simplicity and southern European comfort with an often humorous twist that makes it all work together seamlessly in everyday life.

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