Article last updated on: 13. 07. 2024.

Mondays can be so dull. Waking up early, commuting to work, and then sitting at a desk all day. Afterward, you’re exhausted with strained eyes, just wanting sleep for the rest of the week. We totally get it. Working from home can be great, but it also has drawbacks1. For example, you need to make sure that your space doesn’t get invaded by work and turn into an office instead of a relaxing retreat where the time goes by unnoticed! We’ve got you covered. At the very least, matching your office chair to a desk will be vital in making it an area where you enjoy working from home.

What’s in this article?


When matching office chairs to your desk, you should always keep in mind the colors of complementary hues. Clashing combinations can make for a chaotic and unorganized workstation space that’s not only unpleasant but also unsafe as well! Zuo Mod’s bright red Admire Office Chair is the perfect addition to your office space. It will make a statement, but only if you have the same colors for a desk! The ZuoMod design can also work with other more neutral tones – like silver or stainless steel- so check out our selection before deciding on what else goes in there too much (like those overbearing green desks). This article might seem opinionated at first glance; however, we’re trying hard here not just to show off how great these pieces look together without any thought put into matching furniture sets themselves. As discussed before, bright colors can help to set the mood in your office2. You must be careful not just about how these hues mix with other items on either side or underneath them because they might come off as tacky if combined without care!


Your office chair should be a reflection of the style and design that you want for your desk. So, if rustic farmhouse chic is more along the lines in which you’re comfortable working, then make sure to select an accessory scheme accordingly3 – just as purple and black would not go well together next door pink! What’s the difference between a royal throne and an office chair? One has antique-style while another is sleek. This regal Safavieh Chamber Chair would go great in your design scheme if you want that more traditional, colonial look with hints of kingliness thrown into it – not too much, though, because then it might clash with other pieces like this Ellis Home Desk 4 Shelves which also have their own unique styles but still maintain simplicity at heart by staying true on colour schemes only (royalty gold).


Matching the suitable material types of furniture can make your living room pop. For example, you might purchase a couch with metal feet and match it up perfectly against wooden coffee tables to create harmony throughout!4 However, if there is too much contrast between pieces – such as an all-leather sofa sitting next to glass display cases for decoration- then this could turn out badly; though sometimes these disasters are actually quite beautiful (think: artist’s studio)5. The best way to avoid this mistake is by paying attention! For instance, the Omega Office Chair Low Back by Moe’s Home Collection. Its legs and arms are steel, meaning maybe we shouldn’t match it with an all-wooden desk like Nolan Secretary Drop Leaf Desk from Chelsea Home Furniture. Matching a primarily metal piece together will make your office look incompatible – as if you just grabbed any old chair on impulse without considering how poorly they would go together aesthetically speaking. The same rule applies when purchasing furniture elsewhere, too. Anything with heavy materials, such as sturdy aluminum extrusions, should not be paired up intentionally unless said metals have been sanded down enough. Hence, there isn’t much weight put forward during the interaction.


Lastly, size matters when matching desks and chairs, similarly to how you match your dining set with the table. You don’t want a desk chair that is too tall or short- it has got to be just right6! Like in Goldilocks’ story of porridge -the one where she found “the perfect medium.” This is not just for aesthetic purposes; chair height allows you to work most efficiently. It’s hard to type at your computer when either banged up against the top of a desk or struggling to reach it on tall floors. To find out how high your desk is, stand in front of it and adjust the chair so that when sitting on top, there’s a spot below where you would typically put knees. Most chairs are adjustable, which means this should be pretty simple!

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