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Ergonomic elegance

The armrests and seat cushion are padded, while the form of the armrests was intended to maximize a 90-degree wrist angling for typing.

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Lumbar support

Experience ergonomic lumbar support while going through your office tasks.

Inspired By

Thomas Thompson

Thomas is a designer who prefers to use simple, functional objects for the modern lifestyle. His style has been influenced by Scandinavian simplicity and southern European comfort with an often humorous twist that makes it all work together seamlessly in everyday life.

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Which chair is most suitable for me?
Depending on your personal preference, we have 4 different models and 3 colors that you can choose from. One of the best ways to find your ideal model is to carefully read the descriptions to see which one has the characteristics that suit your needs. If you are someone who searches for unmatched comfort, our Flat-pillow model can be the one you need for many reasons. To adjust its seat to your lumbar back, our craftsmen developed a soft pillow that makes a perfect balance for your posture. Depending on your height you can choose between higher or lower backrest. On the other hand, our Cross-back model can be a great choice for anyone who likes to feel refreshed after a long day of work. Due to the latest sewing techniques, our X stitching makes sure that the air flows behind your back evenly, while the leather has sweat-absorbing abilities. Same as for our Flat-pillow model, we have a high and medium option for different body heights that you can choose from.
Does the chair tilt back?
Yes, our cross-back office chairs can be tilted back 16°.
How great is the quality of our office chairs?
Designed following the Scandinavian style long tradition, our chairs are not only durable but also made from different materials that are sure to bring you the comfort and aesthetics made to last for years to come. In order to create a true assistant that will help you increase your focus and productivity during the week our designers invested many long hours in order to create a quality seating option that will exceed all the expectations.
Do the chairs come fully assembled?
No, but not to worry. Our chairs come in two parts, the seat, and the base. All you have to do is put the chair seat on top of the chair base, and you're good to go.
How well does the chair fit my interior?
Our office chair (name will most likely be changed) is designed in such a way that fits any type of modern interior. One of its major advantages is the fact that it blends perfectly into your room while having the ability to stand out at the same time.
Which color should I choose?
Available in black, white and brown you are free to choose the one that matches your interior the most. Black is the best choice if you are going for a bit edgier interior look while white can add brightness to the room. Brown is ideal if you are searching for a balanced look that perfectly adds character to your home office without breaking the mold of the current one.
What makes your new office chair so comfortable?
There are a couple of perks that you can find in our cross-back versions that are guaranteed to bring you comfort. Aluminium arms and support are crucial in giving you better flexibility and overall stability, while improved sewing techniques ensure better back support and a massage-like feeling that is necessary during your long working days.
How durable are the chairs?
Being able to withstand up to 330 lbs, our cross-back office chairs have amazing durability that has been carefully handcrafted to last for many years. Aluminium support is guaranteed to add to the overall flexibility and comfort.
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Great chair

My chair arrived yesterday and I'm very pleased with the purchase. It looks very high end for the price. Assembly was easy with one person and the instructions were clear. It is sturdy and comfortable. Without yet being able to offer an opinion about durability over time, I think this chair is a great deal and so far I'm very happy with it.

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I wanted something that looked nice in the office but was comfortable as well. This hit the mark. I was able to put the chair together myself without any help. The lever for height is smooth and worked perfect for us. I totally recommend this chair!

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