Our journey

We are committed to making better business decisions that minimize our impact on people and the planet. For this year, we’re focusing four key areas where you can really see a difference: this is just beginning!

Sourcing responsibly

We don’t want to make any negative impacts on the environment so we try and be as sustainable with our products. From using less harmful materials, or selecting suppliers who share similar values in terms of sustainability too – it’s all about being responsible!

Discover our materials

“We view sustainability as an integral part of our culture and we’re committed to reducing the environmental impact.”

Product packaging

We care about the environment and your garbage disposal, so we make sure to use a minimal amount of plastic when packaging our products. We’re committed towards making better choices that help you dispose responsibly!

Putting the good in bye

We’re serious about circularity. We want to help you close the loop on your unwanted furniture by donating it so that others can benefit as well.